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Hello colleagues from Germany and Brazil!

Our 2nd event will occur next year in charming Búzios together with the regional meeting of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dear colleagues from Germany and Brazil.

Following the great German-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting in April 2016, we have decided: if the Germans can do it, we can do it too! This has become quite a challenge, since everything was wonderful in Munich.

After much debate, and looking at the calendar of plastic surgery events around the world, the group has determined that our meeting should occur every two years. Therefore, GBAM II will happen in April 2018 in a very special place called Búzios. Once a small fishing village, some 180 km from Rio, it was discovered by Brigitte Bardot in the early 1960's, and soon became an exclusive beach resort for the international jet set. Now a popular destination, Búzios offers over 15 small beaches along a 20 km coastline. Its pebble-stone main street has quaint shops and excellent cozy sea-food restaurants. Tourists enjoy the sun and sand during the day, and relax walking in shorts and sandals in typically warm nights that extend to early morning.

Our event will be organized together with Jornada de Búzios, which occurs every year. This is the casual meeting of Rio de Janeiro's chapter of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery | SBCP-RJ. Suits and ties are not allowed! We have the full support of Volney Pitombo (current president) and André Maranhão (next president). The official venue will be the Atlântico Búzios Hotel, with comfortable rooms and spacious auditorium; our get-together will happen every evening at the poolside. Just step out the gate and you will have before you blue sea and small fishing boats, a short walk from Praia dos Ossos, and nothing else to do. Weather is mild: usually sunny, between 22-27 Co.

The scientific committee will organize this 3-day event integrating Brazilian speakers with the international invitees. Sessions begin at 9 am and finish before sunset. We will request that every presentation have slides in English, with simultaneous translation. The Venus Speech comes with a surprising guest!

Here is the suggested time-line:

Arrival in Rio Wednesday April 18 morning; shuttle to Búzios (2-3 hours) and check-in
Afternoon free
Thursday: registration 8-9 am; sessions 9 am - 6 pm.
Friday: sessions 9 am - 6 pm.
Saturday: sessions 9 am - 1 pm.
Saturday afternoon: schooner trip around Búzios
Sunday morning: check-out, return to Rio
Sunday afternoon - Tuesday night: tourism in Rio

Join us in Búzios, we are waiting for you with open arms!

Henrique Radwanski (chairman)
Arnaldo Miró
Carlos Uebel
Fábio Nahas
Luis Perin

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

After GBAM 1 in Munich, we are looking forwards with tremendous pleasure for GBAM 2 in Búzios. A very big thank you to Henrique Radwanski who is organizing an amazing event, together with Carlos Uebel, Luis Perin and Fábio Nahas, to let us have the Brazilian GBAM. A big thank you as well, to put it under the umbrella of the Alumni Association of Ivo Pitanguy, in the name of its president, Arnaldo Miró. We all feel honoured!

Our dream has become a reality since 2016: two leading countries in plastic surgery coming together to share their knowledge and culture every two years.
But it has not only been science which has let Brazilians and Germans feel close; it has also been a sort of warmness of our hearts, a sense of family, which was consolidated during the last meeting. This cannot be planned, it simply happens.
We are sure it will continue that way.

After Brazilians have tasted what they like in Germany (beer in the Hofbräuhaus and cars during BMW driving experience), now the Germans are happy to dive into a typical Brazilian paradise 2 1/2 hours from Rio de Janeiro: Búzios, with its sandy beaches, its turquoise water, and caipirinhas to relax after the concentrated scientific meetings during the day, with an extraordinary faculty from both sides.

What a splendid idea to link GBAM 2 to the local event of "Jornada de Búzios"; this meeting is well known for its open mind to have international colleagues included. Thank you to our Brazilian friends, who have made it possible to integrate as a matter of course the GBAM idea for this meeting in April 18-21th, 2018.

The GBAM project is rising and growing…

See you there!

Joackim von Finckenstein
Sven von Saldern


Arnaldo Miró

Fábio Nahas

Luis Perin

Henrique Radwanski


Carlos Uebel


Joackim v. Finckenstein

Sven v. Saldern

Torsten Kantelhard

Wolfgang Funk

Congress Pictures 2016

April 21 – 23, 2016 | Munich, Germany

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